Writers Block or…?

As a freelance writer who aspires to someday be a published, top-selling author, it’s important to get into the habit of writing consistently. For that reason, I’ve decided to post on Medium once a week, regardless of how “ready” the piece is or isn’t. This way, I’m compelled to write more often, and I’m opening the door for constructive feedback, which can lead to growth and self-improvement.

This post, about my personal vulnerabilities as a writer, is being written on a Friday at 1pm PST which is fairly close to the “end of the week”. Fortunately, I just read an article by a fellow Medium writer named Zat Rana and became inspired to write something; anything.

My current thought process is about finding the balance between an unstructured, spontaneous lifestyle and a disciplined, productive lifestyle. For example, I just spent a half an hour dancing in my kitchen (it’s now past 2pm). I love dancing and good songs happened to be playing so I started shaking my booty, but my opportunity cost was missing out on continuing this article. Some might call it an attention disorder, but really it boils down to priorities. In that moment, I made a conscious decision to dance instead of continuing my paragraph (also because I wasn’t sure which direction this post was heading in).

See, my purpose is to remain human, be openly vulnerable, and enjoy everything that comes my way. For that reason, I’m an extremely grateful, fulfilled, and happy person. I’m usually singing, laughing, dancing, and chatting with strangers; and I love all of it. I have no qualms about my lifestyle, except that I feel unproductive a lot of times.

Due to the fact that I enjoy spending time with people, including family and friends, I become so engrossed in conversations and present in the moment, that I’m not able to shift my focus elsewhere. When I sit down to write it all down, however, my mind tends to reflect and think about all the positive and happy things in my life. But, who wants to read about positive and happy things happening in someone else’s life?

So, here I am writing about my writers block; but I’m actually not sure if it’s a block per se. Let me explain. If I spend my time doing the things I want to do, and thoroughly enjoying most of it, then when am I supposed to pause living in order to write?

The purpose of this post is somewhere between a rant, and also a self-justification for why I don’t get around to writing or publishing as often as I’d like to. With that said, if I really want to post, I have to set aside time to write, regardless of what that might be. The same way, if someone really wants to lose weight, they would have to change their diet and/or add exercise into their routine.

Self-justification is a concept that I’d never really heard of, but made up for my own sanity. Since, I like to make conscious decisions, I tend to deeply analyze everything in life. This means, once I’ve made a choice, I’ve justified in my mind why I’m okay making that choice. For example, if I decide to skip working out a few days in a week, it would have to be a guilt-free decision, meaning I’ve already justified what the trade-off is.

Time is something we’re never getting back, so the trade-off is something I highly value.

It’s approaching 3pm now and I spent the last two hours writing this, dancing, singing, eating, laughing, and sneaking in a quick headstand. It probably sounds like I lack focus, maybe I do; but I valued balancing a mix of all of the aforementioned activities.

Thank you for trading your time to read this article; I hope you’re able to self-justify this decision :)



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Nikhil Dhawan

Nikhil Dhawan


Entrepreneur. Story-listener & teller. Yogi. Writer. Focused on physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being. nikhil@studentsofliving.com